Great Beers

We currently brew 5 great beers

Ford Prefect

For our first beer we skimped a bit on preparatory research and thought that the name "Ford Prefect" would be nicely inconspicuous. 

This refreshing golden ale is triple hopped to give a smooth, balanced beer with floral and spicy notes, followed by sweetness.

3.8% ABV - A Real Ale in 9-gallon firkins

Arthur Dent

We told our friends that this best bitter was a lot more interesting than they probably thought.

This satisfying best bitter is finely hopped to give a smooth, balanced beer.  It is rich and malty with a caramel sweetness.

3.8% ABV - A Real Ale in 9-gallon firkins


Named after a member of CamTim, the Campaign for Real Time, we are sure he would love this great Baroque real ale.

This clean, crisp pale ale is heavily hopped with American Comet and Cascade to give bold citrus flavours with subtle spice notes.

4.2% ABV - A Real Ale in 9-gallon firkins


Gold Fever.  A light pale ale with just the right sweetness.  

3.8% ABV - A Craft Beer in 30-litre kegs.


Gold Rush.  A hoppy American Pale with a citrus kick.  

4.2% ABV - A Craft Beer in 30-litre kegs and 440ml cans

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