So Long to All the Fish

Gold Bear Brewery is all about making great beer.

We are a startup selling real ales (and some new craft beers).

Our beers use malted barley, hops and yeast just like most other beers.

The difference between ours and most beers, is what we leave out.  We don't use isinglass finings to filter out fine particles during the brewing process.

Isinglass is made from fish swim bladders and has been used since the 19th century to produce clear, bright ale in response to beer being served in glassware instead of ceramic or metal tankards.

Our brewer has over 30 years experience and produces the finest beers. He has many award winning and championship beers to his name.

Through exacting brewing methods we brew a bar-bright ale with a hint of chill haze.  Remarkably clear for a  vegan beer. 

Its just good to know it's a great plant-based beer and that no animal products were used in the brewing process.  For a growing number this is an important factor as more people are seeking out vegan products.

Some people don't mind either way, because it's simply a great beer.

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